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Decrypting PPTP network traffic Mar 17 2010 09:46AM
Alexander Perchov (alexperchov1969 googlemail com)
Note: apologies for cross posting - I hope to get more coverage this
way, because google hasn't been helping lately ;-)

I am looking for a tool that can decrypt MPPE (Microsoft
Point-to-Point Encryption) network traffic given a pcap (or any other
format really) and the correct key / NTLM hash. Is anyone aware of
such a tool - public or even private software?

Most tools (and there isn't an awful lot of them anyway!) focus on
breaking MS-CHAP(v1|v2). This seems to be an area where some
significant papers were published back in the days, but very few tools
were actually implemented and published openly!

Kind Regards,

Your friendly frustrated Alexander

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