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> What were some of the things you missed about ISS?

The complexity, man! How can you enjoy an IDS that doesn't have a
management appliance which uses different terms than anyone else for

And, honestly, I really miss configuring both PC anti-malware and IPS in
the same console because the job functions are so close to each other
and the overlap is so clear. Another thing I think that most folks who
have used ISS really miss about the product is the built-in firewall
that's so stupid that it requires you to add rules just so the firewall
can talk to itself.

These are the sort of things which provide much-needed job security.

Sure, sure, they did do some cool things like let you explore your
events the way YOU want to, something most folks are barely getting the
hang of. And it actually ran fast enough that you couldn't go out for a
cup of coffee between queries. But it's that old-fashioned complexity
and confusion that really just gets me all nostalgic and misty-eyed.


On 7/21/10 7:08 PM, Ron Gula wrote:
> On 7/20/2010 8:53 PM, scott (at) securelabs (dot) net [email concealed] wrote:
>> sourcefire?
>> really?
>> in a production network.....ask them how their 9800 sensor works inline....*snicker*
>> I was stuck using sourcefire for the last two client. I so miss ISS.....
> What were some of the things you missed about ISS?

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