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> Has anyone any ideas of good and small testings tools for IDS?
> I have to test a IDS-System and I am looking for a small programm
> which is able to test all kind of possible Intrusions.
> Thanks for your help.

sneeze, scapy, and there was some other newer one that came out in the
past few months in this space that come to mind. Sneeze reads in
snort rules and generates traffic to match them.

Whether such things are a good test of IDS effectiveness though... and
whether you can possibly test "all kind of possible intrusions" if of
course ripe for debate. However, it'll certainly convince you that
the IDS system is working (as well as what an "IDS blinding" attack
would look like).

The customary minute of googling on some terms that popped to mind led
me to this page which seems pretty informative.


Todd Haverkos

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