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New release of Unhide (2011-01-13) Feb 07 2011 07:14PM
Yago Jesus (yjesus security-projects com)
Unhide is a forensic tool to find hidden processes and TCP/UDP ports
by rootkits / LKMs or by other hidden techniques.

// Unhide (ps)

Detects hidden processes. Six different techniques implemented:

- Comparing /proc vs /bin/ps output
- Comparing information gathered from /bin/ps with information
gathered by walking through the procfs.
- Compare information gathered from /bin/ps with information gathered
from syscalls (syscall scanning).
- Full PIDs space occupation (using PIDs bruteforcing)
- Reverse search, verifying that every threads seen by ps are also
seen by the kernel ( /bin/ps output vs /proc, procfs walking and
syscall )
- Quick compare /proc, procfs walking and syscall vs /bin/ps output.

// Unhide-TCP

Identify TCP/UDP ports that are listening but not listed in
/bin/netstat, bruteforcing every available TCP/UDP ports.

Changes in this release:

[+] New tests added.
[+] Now, Unhide is more modular, allowing the selection of single
tests (or metatests)
[+] New project homepage released:


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