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tools for analyzing java code May 05 2005 02:37PM
Mads Rasmussen (mads opencs com br) (1 replies)
Re: tools for analyzing java code May 05 2005 08:28PM
Jeff Williams (jeff williams aspectsecurity com)
Hi Mads,

There are a few commercial tools (e.g. Ounce Labs, Fortify, Parasoft) for
this that are coming along nicely. We use these as a part of our reviews,
and they can definitely help speed a security review in the hands of a
security expert.

A few things that are very important in these tools:

1) Easy Set Up -- Gather all the source code together, get libraries,
binaries, handle dependencies, etc...

2) Knows Your Libraries -- I don't see how a tool can say anything about
your security unless it knows what all the libraries your program calls
actually do.

3) Customizable -- You should be able to teach it about the common custom
libraries you use within your organization. E.g. tell it where the logging
and encryption calls are.

4) Hooked In -- The tool should be hooked into your development environment
AND your bug tracking system.

5) Warnings -- I'd say the majority of security problems in code cannot be
absolutely identified with an automated solution. So the tool should be
designed to facilitate human review by a security expert (and not focus on
eliminating false alarms).


Jeff Williams
Aspect Security, Inc.

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Subject: tools for analyzing java code

> Anyone knows any tools to analyze security problems with java code?
> I have come across some, like
> Lint4j (open source)
> CodePro Analytix
> Jtest
> Parasoft's Jtest that mainly does coding style analysis but appears to
> have some security checks (50+).
> I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with these tools or
> anyone who might know better ways to analyze java code from a security
> perspective.
> Regards,
> Mads Rasmussen
> Security Consultant
> Open Communications Security

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