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Announcement: The Web Security Mailing List May 08 2005 10:12PM
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The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) is proud to present 'The Web Security Mailing List'.

What is The Web Security Mailing List?
The Web Security Mailing List is an open information forum for discussing topics relevant to
web security. Topics include, but are not limited to, industry news and technical discussions
surrounding web applications, proxies, honeypots, new attack types, methodologies, application
firewalls, discoveries, experiences, web servers, application servers, database security, tools,
solutions, and others.

To post a message send an email to: websecurity (at) webappsec (dot) org [email concealed]

Subscribe by sending email to: websecurity-subscribe (at) webappsec (dot) org [email concealed]

Unsubscribe by sending email to: websecurity-unsubscribe (at) webappsec (dot) org [email concealed]


- Robert Auger

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