rPSA-2006-0226-1 kernel Dec 06 2006 05:10PM
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rPath Security Advisory: 2006-0226-1
Published: 2006-12-06
Products: rPath Linux 1
Rating: Severe
Exposure Level Classification:
Local Root Non-deterministic Privilege Escalation
Updated Versions:


Previous versions of the kernel package are vulnerable to a local
denial of service or privilege escalation attack by unprivileged
users if any network bridge interface has been configured with more
than two interfaces. The attacker can cause the system to crash,
and is believed to be able to provide arbitrary code that may
(with undetermined probability) run in kernel context. Xen dom0
instances in the default bridging configuration are vulnerable.

Previous versions of the Xen dom0 kernel did not embed the
firmware for QLogic 2XXX Fibre Channel adapters, disabling Xen
dom0 on those systems.

This update requires a system reboot to implement the fixes.

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