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Added 2009-04-13
Publisher: Techcava/Pentest


» InmunOS is a security platform that will provide to you a safe Internet experience. It works on Windows, It's free and, It is Open Source.

» It has been designed to allow the end users to surf the web -along other activities- with a virus bulletproof solution. OK, formally speaking, it is not perfect, but you will have a security similar to militar or aeronautic systems.

» Security of InmunOS is based on many levels. -1st level: it works on top of a VMware Player (TM) virtual machine. -2nd level: it runs on memory!. -3rd level: it runs powered by Linux. -4th level: it has kernel protection against memory corruption bugs/exploits -PaX-. -5th level: it has a kernel based Role Based Access Control . -Etc. InmunOS boots in 30s.

InmunOS is being distributed as a .msi installable program that will install VMware player + InmunOS, transparently for the end user. We are authorized by VMware.

Notice: this software is in a very BETA stage. Some capabilities still are not activated, for example: sound, proxy support or RBAC. Others, like "robust anti-phishing", need special tunning of the product.


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