Multiple Vendor "dump" Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

RedHat Linux (possibly other linux distributions as well) and FreeBSD ship with a file backup utility called 'dump'. Dump is installed in /sbin and is setuid and setgid root on RedHat (and derivative) linux machines and setgid tty on FreeBSD installs. When passed an oversized argument to the "-f a" parameters, dump will crash due to the stack being overrun by the excessive data. If this argument is crafted properly, it may be possible to replace the EIP (instruction pointer or return address) on the stack and execute arbitrary code with the permissions of the process (gid of root). Dump drops setuid priviliges (in Linux, at least), but does not drop effective gid. As a result, this vulnerability could be exploited to gain the effective gid priviliges, which can lead to further system compromise.

Under linux, it is thought that this is not exploitable. Under FreeBSD it may be exploitable and result in an attacker gaining egid tty priviliges.


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