Symantec Enterprise Firewall DNSD DNS Cache Poisoning Vulnerability

Symantec has released security response advisory SYM04-010 along with hotfixes dealing with this issue. Customers are advised to obtain patches through Enterprise Product Support. Please see the referenced web advisory for more information.

Symantec has released further hotfixes and a document (Latest hotfixes for the Symantec DNSd cache-poisoning vulnerability) to address this issue. It is reported that the previous fixes did not completely address the issue for certain customers. Please see the referenced document for further information.

Symantec Gateway Security 5200 1.0

Symantec Gateway Security 5300 1.0

Symantec Gateway Security 5110 1.0

Symantec Gateway Security 5310 1.0

Symantec Gateway Security 5400 2.0

Symantec Gateway Security 5400 2.0.1

Symantec Enterprise Firewall 7.0.4 Solaris

Symantec Enterprise Firewall 7.0.4 NT/2000

Symantec Enterprise Firewall 8.0

Symantec Enterprise Firewall 8.0 Solaris

Symantec Enterprise Firewall 8.0 NT/2000


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