Medtronic Conexus Radio Frequency Telemetry Protocol Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID: 107544
Class: Design Error
CVE: CVE-2019-6538
Remote: Yes
Local: No
Published: Mar 21 2019 12:00AM
Updated: Mar 21 2019 12:00AM
Credit: Peter Morgan of Clever Security; Dave Singelée and Bart Preneel of KU Leuven; Eduard Marin formerly of KU Leuven, currently with University of Birmingham; Flavio D. Garcia; Tom Chothia of the University of Birmingham; and Rik Willems of University Hospita
Vulnerable: Medtronic Viva CRT-D 0
Medtronic Visia AF ICD 0
Medtronic Virtuoso II ICD 0
Medtronic Virtuoso ICD 0
Medtronic Secura ICD 0
Medtronic Protecta ICD 0
Medtronic Protecta CRT-D 0
Medtronic Primo ICD 0
Medtronic Mirro ICD 0
Medtronic Maximo II CRT-D 0
Medtronic Maximo ICD 0
Medtronic Evera ICD 0
Medtronic Consulta CRT-D 0
Medtronic Concerto II CRT-D 0
Medtronic Concerto CRT-D 0
Medtronic Compia CRT-D 0
Medtronic Claria CRT-D 0
Medtronic CareLink Monitor 2490C
Medtronic CareLink 2090 Programmer 0
Medtronic Amplia CRT-D 0
Medtronic 24952 MyCareLink Monitor 0
Medtronic 24950 MyCareLink Monitor 0
Not Vulnerable:


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