Linux Kernel BINFMT_ELF Loader Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities

NOTE: A patch has been provided that reportedly fixes four of the vulnerabilities for version 2.6.9. Please see the top of the patch file for further details.

Please see the referenced vendor advisories for details on obtaining and applying fixes.

NOTE: Reportedly, the patches issued to resolve these vulnerabilities may not sufficiently correct the 'open_exec()' issue (CAN-2004-1073). Apparently, after some analysis of the provided fixes, Santosh Eraniose concluded that the issue was not fixed. Furthermore, the proof of concept designed to create a setuid root binary application reportedly continues to exploit this issue on patched systems. This BID will be updated as more details are released.

Linux kernel 2.4.17

Linux kernel 2.4.20

Linux kernel 2.4.21

Linux kernel 2.4.22

Linux kernel 2.4.26

Linux kernel 2.6.3

Linux kernel 2.6.4

Linux kernel 2.6.9


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