Bugzilla Remote Arbitrary Command Execution Vulnerability

Bugzilla is a web-based bug-tracking system based on Perl and MySQL. It allows people to submit bugs and catalogs them.

Bugzilla is prone to a vulnerability which may allow remote users to execute arbitrary commands on the target webserver.

When accepting a bug report, the script "process_bug.cgi" calls "./processmail" via a perl system() call argumented by a number of paramaters with values originating from user input via a web-form. There are no checks against these values for shell metacharacters by the script before insertion into the system() call.

As a result, it possible for an attacker to supply maliciously crafted input to form fields, which when submitted will cause arbitrary commands to be executed on the shell of the host running vulnerable versions of Bugzilla. Commands will be executed with the privileges of the webserver process.


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