Internet Security Systems ICECap Manager Default Username and Password Vulnerability

ICECap Manager is a management console for BlackICE IDS Agents and Sentries. By default, ICECap Manager listens on port 8081, transmits alert messages to another server on port 8082, and has an administrative username of 'iceman' possessing a blank password. A remote user could login to ICECap manager through port 8081 (using the default username and password if it hasn't been modified) and send out false alerts.

In addition, the evaluation version of ICECap Manager has the option of utilizing Microsoft Access' JET Engine 3.5. This creates a security hazard because JET Engine 3.5 is vulnerable to remote execution of Visual Basic for Application code. Therefore, remote users may execute arbitrary commands on ICECap Manager through the use of the default username and password and JET Engine 3.5. More information can be found regarding the JET Database Engine 3.5 vulnerability at the following URL:

Please note that ICECap Manager is no longer maintained by Network Ice but by Internet Security Systems.


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