Multiple Vendor Anti-Virus Gateway Failure To Decode Base64 Encoded Image Weakness

Multiple vendor anti-virus gateway products are reported prone to a security weakness that could lead to a false sense of security. It is reported that the affected anti-virus gateways do not decode base64-encoded images that are contained in 'data' URIs.

A malicious image that is obfuscated in this manner will bypass the affected anti-virus scanner; the image will be rendered in the browser of a target user when the malicious page is viewed. It is reported that because Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support the 'data' URI, Internet Explorer cannot be used as an attack vector to exploit this weakness.

This weakness may lead to a false sense of security where a network administrator believes that the affected product will detect malicious images designed to trigger a target vulnerability. In reality, the images may be obfuscated by an attacker and may not be detected.


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