SGI IRIX cvconnect File Overwrite Vulnerability

SGI suggests, as a temporary solution, to do the following (taken directly from SGI Security Advisory 20000601-01-P):

1) Become the root user on the system.

% /bin/su -

2) Verify a vulnerable WorkShop suite is installed.
Versions 2.6.* and lower of WorkShop are vulnerable.

# versions -b WorkShop\*
I = Installed, R = Removed

Name Date Description
I WorkShop 07/03/96 Developer Magic: WorkShop 2.6

3) Change the permissions on the vulnerable cvconnect(1M) program.

# /bin/chmod 500 /usr/lib/WorkShop/cvconnect

*** NOTE ***

Removing the permissions from the vulnerable program will
prevent non-root users from accessing cvconnect(1M).

4) Verify the new permissions on the program.
Note that the program size may be different depending on release.

# ls -l /usr/lib/WorkShop/cvconnect
-r-x------ 1 root sys 428664 Sep 11 1997 cvconnect

5) Return to previous user level.

# exit


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