Dalnet IRC Server "SUMMON" Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Matt Conover <shok@cannabis.dataforce.net> provided this patch:

Apply the patch to following to s_bsd.c:
--- s_bsd.old.c Mon Nov 1 17:34:19 1999
+++ s_bsd.c Mon Nov 1 17:35:39 1999
@@ -2327,7 +2327,7 @@
sendto_one(who, wrerr, who->name);
- (void)sprintf(line, "ircd: Channel %s, by %s@%s (%s) %s\n\r",
+ (void)snprintf(line, sizeof(line), "ircd: Channel %s, by %s@%s (%s) %s\n\r",
chname, who->user->username, who->user->host, who->name, who->info);
if (write(fd, line, strlen(line)) != strlen(line))

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