Mozilla Suite, Firefox And Thunderbird Multiple Vulnerabilities

The Mozilla Foundation has released 12 security advisories specifying security vulnerabilities in Mozilla Suite, Firefox, and Thunderbird.

These vulnerabilities allow attackers to execute arbitrary machine code in the context of the vulnerable application, to bypass security checks, and to execute script code in the context of targeted websites to disclose confidential information; other attacks are also possible.

These vulnerabilities have been addressed in Firefox 1.0.5 and in Mozilla Suite 1.7.9. At this time, Mozilla Thunderbird has not been fixed.

The issues described here will be split into individual BIDs as further analysis is completed. This BID will then be retired.

Reportedly, Netscape is also vulnerable to the issue described in MFSA 2005-47. Due to the nature of Netscape's fork from the Mozilla codebase, Netscape is also likely affected by most if not all of the issues that affect Mozilla Firefox. This has not been confirmed at this time.


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