OpenVPN Same Client Certificate Denial Of Service Vulnerability

The vendor has released version 2.0.1 to resolve this issue.

Mandriva has released advisory MDKSA-2005:145, along with fixes to address various issues in OpenVPN. Please see the referenced advisory for further information.

Debian has released advisory DSA 851-1 to address this issue. Please see the referenced advisory for more information.

ProZIlla ProZilla Download Accelarator 1.2.1

ProZIlla ProZilla Download Accelarator 1.3.2

ProZIlla ProZilla Download Accelarator 1.4 .0

OpenVPN OpenVPN 1.4.1

OpenVPN OpenVPN 1.4.2

OpenVPN OpenVPN 1.4.3

OpenVPN OpenVPN 1.5 .0

OpenVPN OpenVPN 1.6 .0

OpenVPN OpenVPN 2.0

MandrakeSoft Multi Network Firewall 2.0


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