eTrust Access Control Default Encryption Key Vulnerability

A vulnerability exists in many installations of the eTrust Access Control product, formerly known as SeOS, from Computer Associates. All versions, up to and including the current versions (5.0 for Unix, 4.1 for Windows NT), are believed to be vulnerable.

The vulnerability stems from users installing SeOS electing to not install with the strong crypto option. When this option is not selected, a default encryption key is installed. This key is present on the installation CD. Knowledge of this key can potentially allow a user to alter the database used by the eTrust Access Control product on a machine they wish to gain access to. This would allow the attacking user the ability to gain access to the machine being attacked.

By performing a default installation of the product on the attacking machine, installing it under the same account name as the machine used to remotely administer the host they plan to attack, and connecting to the remote database of the machine they are attacking, they can gain access to the machine.


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