All-Mail Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

All-mail is an smtp server for Windows NT and 2000 platforms offered by Nevis Systems. It is vulnerable to remotely exploitable buffer overflow attacks that may lead to an attacker gaining control of the victim host.

The condition is known to occur in at least two places. The values supplied by the user that argument the "mail from" and "rcpt to" smtp commands are stored in buffers of predefined length. It is not verified that the amount data is within the predefined size limits before it is copied onto the stack during function calls. Consequently it is possible for users to overwrite stack variables (with the excessive data..) such as the calling function's return address with arbitrary values that can alter the program's flow of execution.

If exploited, the user can at the very least cause the smtp server to crash. More advanced attacks can result in arbitrary code execution on the victim host.


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