Lotus Domino SMTP Server ENVID Buffer Overflow and DoS Vulnerability

The Lotus SMTP Server is part of the integrated solutions offered in Lotus Domino and Notes server software packages. A vulnerability exists in the SMTP server that can allow a malicious user to remotely execute code on the server.

The problem exists in the ENVID variable, as specified in RFC 1891. The SMTP server does not conduct adequate bounds checking on the ENVID keyword of the "MAIL FROM:" field. This makes it possible for a malicious user to custom craft an ENVID that could result in remote execution of code as the UID the SMTP server is operating as.

In the event of successful overflow, the Notes server will crash and all Notes services will discontinue functioning, regardless of successful execution of code. The Notes server will then require a manual restart, and additionally may require manual removal of mail.box and/or log.nsf files.


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