Cisco 600 Series Web Administration Denial of Service Vulnerability

The Cisco 600 series DSL Router is a popular DSL router in wide use and distributed to major telco's for their SOHO clients.

A vulnerability exists in the CBOS firmware used by the Cisco 600 series DSL Routers. It may allow a remote attacker to initiate a Denial of Service attack against the router requiring it to be power cycled in order to resume normal operation.

If the Cisco 600 series DSL Router has the Web Administration Interface enabled, a remote attacker could telnet to the router and issue a simple malformed HTTP GET request. Once connected via telnet to the Web Administration Interface, issuing the command GET ? \n \n will crash the telnet session as well as the router, requiring it be power cycled before resuming normal operation.

It has been discovered that this vulnerability is being exploited through the 'Code Red' worm.


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