Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall Shared Directory Vulnerability

TrendMicro InterScan VirusWall is virus and malicious code scanner designed for internet gateways.

After completion of the installation process, the InterScan VirusWall installer assigns the 'Everyone' group 'Full Control' permissions in the Access Control List of the \Interscan directory and all of its contents without notifying the user. Corresponding permissions are also configured for the file share "Intscan" that is created during installation. This is done in order to enable the Interscan plug-in eManager to access files contained in the Interscan directory.

It is not a recommended practice to grant the 'Everyone' group 'Full Control' rights. This would give read, write, and execute privileges to any user for the directories specified above. Therefore, a malicious user may be able to upload, delete, modify, and execute files within the directory which opens up the possibility of a myriad of exploits that can be performed. The InterScan directory also contains executables that are run upon startup. This may lead to the automatic execution of implanted trojans or other malicious code.


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