X.Org XDM XSession Script Race Condition Vulnerability

Bugtraq ID: 20400
Class: Race Condition Error
CVE: CVE-2006-5214
Remote: No
Local: Yes
Published: Oct 06 2006 12:00AM
Updated: Aug 10 2007 05:34PM
Credit: Steven M. Bellovin is credited with the discovery of this vulnerability.
Vulnerable: X.org X11R7 7.1
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 5.10 sparc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 5.10 powerpc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 5.10 i386
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 5.10 amd64
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS sparc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS powerpc
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS i386
Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS amd64
Sun Solaris 9_x86
Sun Solaris 9
Sun Solaris 8_x86
Sun Solaris 8_sparc
Sun Solaris 10_x86
Sun Solaris 10.0_x86
Sun Solaris 10.0
Sun Solaris 10
Redhat Fedora Core6
NetBSD NetBSD Current
Avaya CMS Server 13.0
Avaya CMS Server 12.0
Avaya CMS Server 11.0
Avaya CMS Server 10.0
Avaya CMS Server 9.0
Avaya CMS Server 13.1
Not Vulnerable:


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