Watchguard SOHO 2.2 Denial of Service Vulnerability

The SOHO 2.2 is a popular SOHO firewall by Watchguard Technologies Inc.

A vulnerability exists in Watchguard SOHO 2.2 firewalls with firmware versions 2.2.1 and below that could allow a remote attacker to execute a Denial of Service attack on the firewall and render it in-operable.

It is possible for a remote attacker to issue large amounts of GET requests (70+) to the firewall which will in turn deplete memory resources on the firewall and either cause it to reboot or shutdown completely. In the case of a reboot, the firewall will be in-operable for one to five minutes. If the firewall shuts down completely, it will require a power recycle. In the case of a sustained attack, the firewall can be permanently taken off-line. It should be noted that this attack does not appear in the firewall logs except for a reboot notification.


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