Multiple Oops Proxy Server Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Oops is a freely available proxy server package, written by Igor Khasilev. A problem exists in the package which could allow for the arbitrary execution of code.

Multiple buffer overflows exist in this product. In one instance, it is possible to make a request with numerous quotation marks (") in the request, which are later translated to the html tag """. The translation of this character makes it possible to overflow and potentially execute code on the stack. This makes it possible for a malicious user to execute code with the privileges of the user the proxy server is operating as.

The secondary problem involves a buffer overflow in the DNS resolution code. It is possible to create a stack based overflow by forcing the proxy to attempt to resolve a long host/domain name. This makes it possible to overwrite variables on the stack, and potentially execute arbitrary code. It is possible for a malicious user to exploit this problem and execute commands with the privileges inherited by the proxy server process.


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