Solaris patchadd Race Condition Vulnerability

patchadd is the patch management tool included with the Solaris Operating Environment, distributed by Sun Microsystems. A problem exists which could allow a user to corrupt or append system files.

The problem exists in the creation of /tmp files by patchadd. patchadd creates a variety of files in /tmp while installing the patches on the operating system. The files created in /tmp are mode 0666, and are created with the extension sh<pid of patchadd>.1, sh<pid of patchadd>.2, and so on. Running the program requires administrative access. It is possible to brute force guess the pid of patchadd, and create files in the /tmp directory that are symbolic links to sensitive system files.

It is therefore possible for a user with malicious intent to gain elevated privileges, corrupt system files, or execute arbitrary commands.


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