eXtropia bbs_forum.cgi Remote Arbitrary Command Execution Vulnerability

Excerpted from CGI Security Advisory #3.1:

Patch: http://www.extropia.com/hacks/bbs_security.html

If you have made extensive modifications to bbs_forum.cgi and do not wish to start over from scratch, search for the line at the start of bbs_forum.cgi that says


And insert afterwards the following:

if ($in{'read'} && $in{'read'} !~ /^\d+-\d+\.msg$/i)
print "Invalid Message #";
die("Invalid Message # provided: " .
if ($in{'reply_to_message'} &&
$in{'reply_to_message'} !~ /^\d+-\d+\.msg$/i) {
print "Invalid Reply To Message #";
die("Invalid Reply To Message # provided: " .

This code assures the script that the message file
form variables can only consist of the strict filename format of digits
followed by a hyphen followed by some digits followed by the literal
string ".msg".

We recommend updating your script as soon as possible.
Special thanks to cgisecurity.com for pointing our the issue.


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