Solaris arp Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

The arp utility is used for viewing and manipulating tables containing network to hardware address mappings. On Solaris systems up to version 8, arp is installed setgid and owned by group bin.

For convenience, Solaris arp supports the option to insert multiple entries contained in a file at once with the -f parameter. The field values in the file are extracted as strings via sscanf(). As a result, there is nothing to ensure that their length does not exceed the size of the local variables allocated to store them. It is possible to overwrite stack variables and corrupt program execution flow if fields in the supplied file are oversized.

This vulnerability can be exploited to execute code with effective groupid bin privileges. Group 'bin' privileges on Solaris systems can lead to root access.

Solaris has released patches for this vulnerability, which are in the solution section.


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