OmniHTTPD File Corruption and Command Execution Vulnerability

OmniHTTPD is a compact Windows based web server by Omnicron Technologies. OmniHTTPD has various features including multiple domain support, keep-alive connections, supports virtual IP and non-IP servers and standard CGI support.

Due to the implementation of '' multiple vulnerabilities exist in OmniHTTPD. It is possible to corrupt various known filenames and execute arbitrary commands. By appending a known filename to the 'cgidir' form variable accompanied with a null argument, the known filename will be corrupt. In addition, it is possible to execute commands on the target server. This is due to creating a perl script on the file. When the perl script is created, user supplied data (the mostbrowsers form variable if it is present) is written directly to the perl script file. If an attacker sets this value to semi-colon separated perl commands, they will be executed when statsconfig runs the script. This can result in an attacker gaining interactive access on the victim host with the privilege level of the webserver/cgi process.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to complete comprimise of the host or denial of service.


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