Flash Sound Write-Overflow Vulnerability

The Flash plugin is a browser modules designed to allow browsers to interpret ehanced content using Macromedia's Flash file format. This module by Oliver Debon is freely available and open source, designed to run on operating systems other than the Microsoft Windows platform.

A buffer overflow exists in the module that could allow potential execution of arbitrary code. The problem occurs in the handling of sound files that have been incorrectly formatted or custom crafted. The format of a flash sound file comes as [tag_14 length_of_tag sound_id flags samples data]. A write-overflow occurs when the size of the file specified in the [samples] variable is smaller than the amount of data contained in the [data] variable. Therefore, it is possible to overwrite variables on the stack beyond the total number of bytes specified in the [samples] variable, and potentially execute arbitrary code. This problem makes it possible for a user with malicious intent to arbitrarily execute code as the UID of the netscape process, and potentially gain remote access or elevated privileges. This vulnerability does not affect the Macromedia version of the flash plugin.


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