PHP ZVAL Reference Counter Integer Overflow Vulnerability

PHP is prone to an integer-overflow vulnerability because it fails to ensure that integer values are not overrun.

A local attacker can exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary PHP scripts within the context of the affected application. Failed exploit attempts will likely cause denial-of-service conditions.

Note: According to 'MOPB-04-2007:PHP 4 unserialize() ZVAL Reference Counter Overflow', this issue may be remotely triggered in PHP 4.4.4 environments because many legacy PHP applications still use 'unserialize()' on user-supplied data. 'Unserialize()' uses the '__wakeup()' method of deserialized objects in an unsafe manner that may lead to remote arbitrary code execution. This BID has been changed to reflect the possibility of remote exploitation in PHP 4.4.4 environments.


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