Watchguard FireboxII Password Retrieval Vulnerability

FireboxII is a firewall package available from WatchGuard Technologies. FireboxII systems are developed in various sizes and strengths, and are available in different models to fit enterprise needs.

A problem with the firmware may allow remote users with read-only access to gain elevated privileges. The problem occurs in the handling of passwords by the FireboxII system. It is possible for a user with read-only access to the firewall to initiate an SSL connection through the proprietory libraries included with the administration tools. Upon connecting and executing the MPF command, a user can retrieve the binary /var/lib/mpf/keys.gz from flash memory which contains the hashed passwords of both the read-only and read-write. A remote user can then initiate connections through the library, using the hashed read-write password to modify configuration. This problem makes it possible for a user with malicious motives to gain control of the firewall, and allow access to resources which may be restricted, or potentially deny service to the network.


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