Oracle JSP/SQLJSP Servlet Execution Vulnerability

A problem in the Oracle8 database could allow a remote user to execute arbitrary .jsp files. Due to the handling of input by the Oracle JSP agent, it's possible for a remote user to access files that may be execution restricted.

Upon connecting to a web server using the Oracle database, and running on a Windows 2000 system, it's possible for a user to execute java servlet pages on the same partition as the web server root. This is done by connecting to the web server, and requesting a file such as http://webhost/servlet//..//..//o.jsp, which would execute the file c:\o.jsp, presuming such a file existed, and that the web server root was on the c:\ partition. This would also create directory C:\servlet\_pages\_servlet, and copy the source and .class file of o.jsp into the created directory.

This makes it possible for a user with knowledge of the web infrastructure to execute arbitrary .jsp files, and potentially learn information that could aide in gaining local access to the server, or even gain elevated privileges on a local web server.


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