Cisco Content Service Switch Long Filename Denial of Service Vulnerability

The Cisco Content Services (CSS) switches are hardware designed to provide enhanced web services for e-commerece and Web Content delivery using the Cisco Web Network Services (Web NS). The CSS switch is distributed by Cisco Systems.

A problem in the CSS could allow a local user to deny service to legitimate users. The problem occurs in the handling of input by local users. A user must have access to the switch command line interface prior to launching an attack, but not have administrative privileges. Upon connecting to a non-privileged account, a user can locally execute a command on the switch which requires a file name as an argument. Upon specifying a filename that is the maximum size of the filename buffer, the switch reboots and starts system checks.

This vulnerability makes it possible for a user with malicious intentions to connect to a switch granting sufficient privileges, and execute a command that could deny service to legitimate network users. This vulnerability affects CSS switches 11050, 11150, and 11800.


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