Computer Associates Alert Notification Server Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Computer Associates Alert Notification Server is prone to multiple buffer-overflow vulnerabilities because the application fails to bounds-check user-supplied data before copying it into insufficiently sized buffers.

An attacker can exploit these issues to execute arbitrary code with SYSTEM privileges. Failed exploit attempts likely result in a denial-of-service condition.

This issue affects CA products that rely on the Alert Server; the list of known affected products is as follows:

CA Threat Manager for the Enterprise (formerly eTrust Integrated Threat Management) r8
CA Protection Suites r3
BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11.5
BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11.1
BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11 for Windows
BrightStor Enterprise Backup r10.5
BrightStor ARCserve Backup v9.01
BrightStor ARCserve Client agent for Windows
CA Anti-Virus for the Enterprise (formerly eTrust Antivirus) r8


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