ISC BIND 9 Default ACL Settings Recursive Queries And Cached Content Security Bypass Vulnerability

Bugtraq ID: 25076
Class: Configuration Error
CVE: CVE-2007-2925
Remote: Yes
Local: No
Published: Jul 26 2007 12:00AM
Updated: Aug 18 2007 07:33PM
Credit: The vendor reported this issue.
Vulnerable: OpenPKG OpenPKG Current
Nortel Networks ENSM IP Address Manager 0
Nortel Networks BCM 400
Nortel Networks BCM 200
Mandriva Linux Mandrake 2007.1 x86_64
Mandriva Linux Mandrake 2007.1
Mandriva Linux Mandrake 2007.0 x86_64
Mandriva Linux Mandrake 2007.0
MandrakeSoft Multi Network Firewall 2.0
MandrakeSoft Corporate Server 4.0 x86_64
MandrakeSoft Corporate Server 3.0 x86_64
MandrakeSoft Corporate Server 3.0
MandrakeSoft Corporate Server 4.0
ISC BIND 9.5 a2
ISC BIND 9.5 a1
ISC BIND 9.4.1
ISC BIND 9.4 rc2
ISC BIND 9.4 rc1
ISC BIND 9.4 b4
ISC BIND 9.4 b3
ISC BIND 9.4 b2
ISC BIND 9.4 b1
ISC BIND 9.4 a6
ISC BIND 9.4 a5
ISC BIND 9.4 a4
ISC BIND 9.4 a3
ISC BIND 9.4 a2
ISC BIND 9.4 a1
ISC BIND 9.5.0a4
ISC BIND 9.5.0a3
Gentoo Linux
Not Vulnerable: ISC BIND 9.4.1 -P1


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