Raptor Firewall HTTP Request Proxying Vulnerability

Raptor Firewall is a product distributed and maintained by Axent Technologies, Inc. Raptor is an Enterprise-level firewall, providing a mixture of features and performance.

A problem in the software package could allow intruders access to private web resources. By using the nearest interface of the firewall as a proxy, it is possible to access a system connected to the other interface of the firewall within TCP ports 79-99, and 200-65535. The firewall will only permit connections to the other side on ports in this range, excluding port 80, and using HTTP. This affects firewall rules that permit HTTP traffic.

Therefore, it is possible for a malicious user to access internal web assets, and potentially gain access to sensitive information. It is also possible for an internal user to gain access to external web resources through the firewall, providing the resources are not running on the default port 80.


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