TransSoft Broker FTP Server Directory Traversal Vulnerability

Broker is a Windows FTP server from TransSoft.

Versions of Broker are vulnerable to directory traversals.

The server fails to restrict a remote user's navigation of the host filesystem. By submitting a CD command argumented with a valid MS DOS drive letter (ie CD C:) a user can use an FTP client to inspect the contents of arbitrary directories on the server. Floppy drives (A:) and CD ROM volumes are similarly accessible. An LS command will list the contents of any directory reached in this way.

This bug also permits the remote user to specify arbitrary paths in UNC format, ie \\computername\sharename, where computername = the NetBIOS name of the computer, and sharename = the share name of the folder.

An attacker could use this knowledge of the host's filesystem to exploit other possible vulnerabilities and further compromise the target system.


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