Red Hat Linux Apache Remote Username Enumeration Vulnerability

Versions of Apache webserver shipping with Red Hat Linux 7.0 (and possibly other Apache distributions) install with a default misconfiguration which could allow remote users to determine whether a give username exists on the vulnerable system.<username>

When a remote user makes a request for a possible user's default home page, the server returns one of three responses:

In a case where <username> is a valid user account, and has been configured with a homepage, the server responds with the user's homepage.

When <username> exists on the system, but has not been assigned a homepage document, the server returns the message "You don't have permission to access /~username on this server."

However, if the tested username does not exist as an account on the system, the Apache server's response includes the message "The requested URL /~username was not found on this server."

Because the server responds differently in the latter two cases, a remote user can test and enumerate possible usernames. Properly exploited, this information could be used in further attacks on the vulnerable hos


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