RETIRED: Mozilla Firefox MFSA 2009-34, -35, -36, -37, -39, -40 Multiple Vulnerabilities

The Mozilla Foundation has released multiple advisories to address vulnerabilities in Firefox.

This BID is being retired; the following individual records now document these issues:

34870 Pango 'pango_glyph_string_set_size()' Integer Overflow Vulnerability
35765 Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Multiple Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
35766 Mozilla Firefox 'setTimeout()' Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
35767 Mozilla Firefox Flash Player Unloading Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
35769 Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Remote Integer Overflow Vulnerability
35770 Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Double Frame Construction Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
35772 Mozilla Firefox 'watch()' and ' __defineSetter__ ()' Functions Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
35773 Mozilla Firefox 'XPCCrossOriginWrapper' Multiple Cross Domain Scripting Vulnerabilities
35774 CoreGraphics Font Glyph Rendering Library Multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
35775 Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird RDF File Handling Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
35776 Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird JavaScript Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities


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