RETIRED: Apple Mac OS X 2009-006 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

Apple Mac OS X is prone to multiple security vulnerabilities that have been addressed in Security Update 2009-006.

This BID is being retired; the following individual records now document these issues:

36988 Apple Mac OS X QuickLook Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
36987 Apple Mac OS X Launch Services Remote Security Bypass Vulnerability
36985 Apple Mac OS X QuickDraw Manager Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
36984 Apple Mac OS X Login Window Race Condition Vulnerability
36983 Apple Mac OS X Kernel Multiple Vulnerabilities
36982 Apple Mac OS X International Components for Unicode Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
36978 Apple Mac OS X Dictionary Arbitrary Script Injection Vulnerability
36979 Apple Mac OS X IOKit Keyboard Firmware Local Unauthorized Access Vulnerability
36977 Apple Mac OS X Help Viewer Spoofed HTTP Response Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
36975 Apple Mac OS X FTP Server CWD Command Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
36973 Apple Mac OS X Disk Images FAT Filesystem Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
36974 Apple Mac OS X CDF File Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
36972 Apple Mac OS X DirectoryService Memory Corruption Vulnerability
36961 Apple Mac OS X AFP Client Multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
36966 Apple Mac OS X Event Monitor Log Parsing Denial of Service Vulnerability
36967 Apple Mac OS X Spotlight Insecure Temporary File Handling Vulnerability
36964 Apple Mac OS X Screen Sharing Client Multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
36963 Apple Mac OS X Adaptive Firewall Security Bypass Vulnerability
36962 Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics Multiple Heap-Overflow Vulnerabilities
36959 Apple Mac OS X Apple Type Services Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
36990 Apple Mac OS X Apache HTTP TRACE Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability


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