IBM/Tivoli OPC Tracker Agent Multiple Vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID: 382
Class: Origin Validation Error
CVE: CVE-1999-1403
Remote: No
Local: Yes
Published: Oct 02 1998 12:00AM
Updated: Jul 11 2009 12:56AM
Credit: These vulnerabilties were posted to the Bugtraq mailing list by Dr. Klaus Kusche <Klaus.Kusche@OOE.GV.AT> Fri, 2 Oct 1998. The Discussion section of this vulnerability entry is almost wholly derived from that post.
Vulnerable: IBM Tivoli OPC Tracker Agent 3.0 X
IBM Tivoli OPC Tracker Agent 2.0 X
IBM Tivoli OPC Tracker Agent 1.0 X
Not Vulnerable:


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