Microsoft MSDE/SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine Default Configuration Vulnerability

Avaya have released a security advisory that contains recommended actions to fix this issue in CentreVu Explorer II and CentreVu/Nice Call Recording System 8.5 and later. Please see the referenced advisory for further details.

Microsoft has released security recommendations for administrators of SQL server and related products. A link to this document is included in the links section of this record bulletin.

Some Compaq Insight Manager releases include the capability to use MSDE. If MSDE is installed, users are advised to ensure that the default null administrative password is changed. The service must be restarted for any changes to take effect.

HP has released a security advisory (HPSBMA01168) detailing a revision to the Compaq advisory SSRT2195. Please see the referenced advisory for further information.

Setting a hard-to-guess password will effectively eliminate this vulnerability.

A patch is available for Compaq Open SAN Manager:

Compaq Open SAN Manager 1.0 c


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