Lynx Command Line URL CRLF Injection Vulnerability

ELinks 0.4pre15 is not vulnerable to this issue. Users of ELinks are urged to download and install the newest version of ELinks:

Conectiva has released an advisory (CLA-2003:720) to address this issue. Please see the attached advisory for further details regarding applying fixes. Fixes are linked below.

SCO has released a security advisory. Fixes for OpenLinux are available.

The Lynx patch is now available at a different location.

Debian has released an advisory (Debian Security Advisory DSA-210-1) which contains fixes. Please see the attached advisory for more details on obtaining fixes.

Red Hat has release advisory RHSA-2003:029-06 to address this issue.

OpenPKG has made fixes versions of their lynx package available. See referenced advisory for more details.

Sun has released a fix for Sun Linux 5.0.6.

The following fixes are available:

ELinks ELinks 0.2.4

ELinks ELinks 0.3.2

University of Kansas Lynx 2.8.3

University of Kansas Lynx 2.8.4

University of Kansas Lynx 2.8.4 rel.1

University of Kansas Lynx 2.8.5 dev.8


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