RETIRED: Apple Mac OS X Security Update 2012-004 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

Apple Mac OS X is prone to multiple vulnerabilities.

Attackers can exploit these issues to execute arbitrary code, cause denial-of-service conditions, gain unauthorized access, obtain sensitive information, bypass security restrictions, and perform other attacks.

This BID is being retired. The following individual records exist to better document the issues:

56240 Apple Mac OS X CVE-2012-0650 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
56246 Apple Mac OS X CVE-2012-3716 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
56252 Apple Mac OS X CVE-2012-3718 Password Information Disclosure Vulnerability
56241 Apple Mac OS X CVE-2012-3719 Remote Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability
56243 Apple Mac OS X CVE-2012-3720 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
56247 Apple Mac OS X Profile Manager Device Enumeration Weakness
56244 Apple Mac OS X CVE-2012-3723 Local Memory Corruption Vulnerability


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