RETIRED: Oracle January 2013 Critical Patch Update Multiple Vulnerabilities

Oracle has released advance notification regarding the January 2013 Critical Patch Update (CPU) to be released on January 15, 2013. The update addresses 86 vulnerabilities affecting the following software:

Oracle Database Server
Oracle Database Mobile/Lite Server
Oracle Fusion Middleware
Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite
Oracle PeopleSoft Products
Oracle JD Edwards Products
Oracle Siebel CRM
Oracle Sun Products Suite
Oracle Virtualization
Oracle MySQL

Exploiting the most severe of these vulnerabilities may potentially compromise the database server or the host operating system.

This BID is being retired. The following individual records exist to better document the issues:

57411 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-5060 Remote Security Vulnerability
57415 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0371 Remote Security Vulnerability
57405 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0383 Remote Security Vulnerability
57397 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0368 Remote Security Vulnerability
57391 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0375 Remote Security Vulnerability
57388 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-1702 Remote Security Vulnerability
57385 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-0572 Remote Security Vulnerability
57414 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-0574 Remote Security Vulnerability
57410 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-1705 Remote Security Vulnerability
57408 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0367 Remote Security Vulnerability
57400 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-5096 Remote Security Vulnerability
57334 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-0578 Remote Security Vulnerability
57418 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0386 Remote Security Vulnerability
57417 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0389 Remote Security Vulnerability
57416 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0384 Remote Security Vulnerability
57412 Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-0385 Local Security Vulnerability
57399 Oracle Sun Products Suite CVE-2013-0399 Local Solaris Vulnerability
57403 Oracle Sun Products Suite CVE-2013-0415 Local Solaris Vulnerability
57393 Oracle Solaris CVE-2013-0407 Local Vulnerability
57398 Oracle Sun Products Suite CVE-2013-0400 Local Solaris Vulnerability
57395 Oracle Solaris CVE-2012-0569 Local Vulnerability
57361 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2013-0354 HTTP Response Splitting Vulnerability
57382 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2013-0355 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
57336 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2013-0358 SQL Injection Vulnerability
57349 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2012-3219 Open Redirection Vulnerability
57373 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2013-0353 SQL Injection Vulnerability
57370 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2013-0373 SQL Injection Vulnerability
57368 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2013-0374 Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
57365 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2013-0352 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
57372 Oracle Database Server CVE-2012-3220 Remote Stack Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
57378 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2013-0372 SQL Injection Vulnerability
57364 Oracle Outside In Technology CVE-2013-0418 Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
57357 Oracle Outside In Technology CVE-2013-0393 Denial Of Service Vulnerability
57419 Oracle E-Business Suite CVE-2013-0390 Remote Security Vulnerability
57351 Oracle E-Business Suite CVE-2013-0397 Security Bypass Vulnerability
57375 Oracle E-Business Suite CVE-2013-0376 Remote Security Vulnerability
57402 Oracle Solaris CVE-2013-0414 Local Vulnerability
57413 Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools CVE-2012-1678 Remote Security Vulnerability
57406 Oracle Solaris CVE-2012-3178 Local Vulnerability
57407 Oracle Sun Products Suite CVE-2013-0417 Remote Sun Storage Common Array Manager (CAM) Vulnerability
57409 Oracle Agile PLM Framework CVE-2013-0370 Remote Security Vulnerability
57401 Oracle E-Business Suite CVE-2013-0380 Remote Security Vulnerability
57389 Oracle E-Business Suite CVE-2012-3190 Remote Security Vulnerability
57394 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2013-0379 Remote Security Vulnerability
57346 Oracle Application Performance Management CVE-2013-0360 Remote Security Vulnerability
57341 Oracle Application Performance Management CVE-2013-0359 Remote Security Vulnerability
57392 Oracle Application Performance Management CVE-2013-0396 Remote Security Vulnerability
57390 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2012-3172 Remote Security Vulnerability
57386 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2013-0365 Remote Security Vulnerability
57383 Oracle VM VirtualBox CVE-2013-0420 Local Vulnerability
57379 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2013-0395 Remote PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vulnerability
57384 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2012-3192 Remote PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vulnerability
57381 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2012-1701 Remote Security Vulnerability
57374 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2012-5059 Remote PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vulnerability
57387 Oracle E-Business Suite CVE-2013-0382 Remote Security Vulnerability
57377 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2013-0378 Remote Security Vulnerability
57380 Oracle E-Business Suite CVE-2013-0377 Remote Security Vulnerability
57376 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2013-0392 Remote PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vulnerability
57362 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2013-0387 Remote PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vulnerability
57369 Oracle E-Business Suite CVE-2012-3218 Remote Security Vulnerability
57355 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2013-0357 Remote PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vulnerability
57366 Oracle E-Business Suite CVE-2013-0381 Remote Security Vulnerability
57367 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2012-1680 Remote Security Vulnerability
57363 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2012-3169 Remote Security Vulnerability
57360 Oracle Database Mobile/Lite Server CVE-2013-0364 Remote Vulnerability
57356 Oracle Database Mobile/Lite Server CVE-2013-0363 Remote Vulnerability
57352 Oracle Database Mobile/Lite Server CVE-2013-0362 Remote Vulnerability
57348 Oracle Access Manager CVE-2012-5097 Remote Security Vulnerability
57358 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2012-1755 Remote PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vulnerability
57345 Oracle Database Mobile/Lite Server CVE-2013-0366 Remote Vulnerability
57354 Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control CVE-2012-5062 Remote Security Vulnerability
57353 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2012-3168 Remote Security Vulnerability
57350 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2013-0356 Remote PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vulnerability
57342 Oracle Fusion Middleware CVE-2012-1677 Remote Security Vulnerability
57347 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2013-0388 Remote PeopleSoft HRMS Vulnerability
57339 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2012-3170 Remote Security Vulnerability
57343 Oracle Database Mobile/Lite Server CVE-2013-0361 Remote Vulnerability
57344 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2013-0394 Remote PeopleSoft HRMS Vulnerability
57340 Oracle PeopleSoft Products CVE-2013-0391 Remote PeopleSoft PeopleTools Vulnerability
57338 Oracle Siebel CRM CVE-2012-1700 Remote Security Vulnerability
57337 Oracle PeopleSoft PeopleTools CVE-2013-0369 Remote Security Vulnerability


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