Apache 2 WebDAV CGI POST Request Information Disclosure Vulnerability

Apache 2.0.43 is not vulnerable to this issue:

HP has released a security bulletin. Customers of HP-UX are advised to download Apache product bundles from:


HP has advised NNM (Network Node Manager) customers to refrain from installing these product bundles. Further details are available in the referenced advisory.

Fixes available:

HP HP-UX 11.0

HP HP-UX 11.11

HP HP-UX 11.20

HP HP-UX 11.22

Apache Apache 2.0

Apache Apache 2.0.35

Apache Apache 2.0.36

Apache Apache 2.0.37

Apache Apache 2.0.38

Apache Apache 2.0.39

Apache Apache 2.0.40

Apache Apache 2.0.41

Apache Apache 2.0.42

HP VirtualVault 4.5

HP VirtualVault 4.6

HP OpenView Network Node Manager 6.2 Solaris

HP OpenView Network Node Manager 6.2 HP-UX 11.X

HP OpenView Network Node Manager 6.2 HP-UX 10.X


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