Adobe Acrobat and Reader CVE-2013-3351 Multiple Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID: 62429
Class: Unknown
CVE: CVE-2013-3351
Remote: Yes
Local: No
Published: Sep 10 2013 12:00AM
Updated: Sep 10 2013 12:00AM
Credit: Mateusz Jurczyk and Gynvael Coldwind of the Google Security Team
Vulnerable: Adobe Reader (for Windows) 11.0.3
Adobe Reader (for Windows) 11.0.2
Adobe Reader (for Windows) 10.1.7
Adobe Reader (for Windows) 10.1.6
Adobe Reader (for Windows) 10.1.5
Adobe Reader (for Windows) 10.0.1
Adobe Reader (for Macintosh) 11.0.3
Adobe Reader (for Macintosh) 11.0.2
Adobe Reader (for Macintosh) 10.1.7
Adobe Reader (for Macintosh) 10.1.6
Adobe Reader (for Macintosh) 10.1.5
Adobe Reader (for Macintosh) 10.0.1
Adobe Acrobat X (for Windows) 11.0.3
Adobe Acrobat (for Windows) 11.0.3
Adobe Acrobat (for Windows) 11.0.2
Adobe Acrobat (for Windows) 11.0.1
Adobe Acrobat (for Windows) 10.1.7
Adobe Acrobat (for Windows) 10.1.6
Adobe Acrobat (for Windows) 10.1.5
Adobe Acrobat (for Macintosh) 11.0.3
Adobe Acrobat (for Macintosh) 11.0.2
Adobe Acrobat (for Macintosh) 11.0.1
Adobe Acrobat (for Macintosh) 10.1.7
Adobe Acrobat (for Macintosh) 10.1.6
Adobe Acrobat (for Macintosh) 10.1.5
Not Vulnerable: Adobe Reader XI (for Macintosh) 11.0.4
Adobe Reader X (for Windows) 10.1.8
Adobe Reader X (for Macintosh) 10.1.8
Adobe Reader (for Windows) 11.0.4
Adobe Acrobat XI (for Macintosh) 11.0.4
Adobe Acrobat X (for Windows) 10.1.8
Adobe Acrobat X (for Macintosh) 10.1.8
Adobe Acrobat (for Windows) 11.0.4


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